Audrey H.; Chelsea, NYC
 Bushwick Corner: Brooklyn, NYC
 Red Graffiti on Spring; SoHo, NYC
 Love Graffiti; Barcelona, Spain
 Imagine/John Lennon; Oaxaca, Mexico
 Rich Girls...Poor Girls; SoHo, NYC
 Boom Box Boy: 5 Pointz Mural, NYC
 Warhol and Basquiat; Meatpacking, NYC
 Charlie Chaplin Loves NYC; Meatpacking, NYC
 "Go Girl" Collage; Chelsea, NYC
 Banksy's Rat; SoHo, NYC
 Cheers!/Martini; Chelsea, NYC
 Dripping Paint Collage; East Village, NYC
 Charlie Chaplin/Graffiti Wall; SoHo, NYC
 Ruby Slippers; SoHo, NYC
 "Kissing" Mural, Highline, NYC
 Audrey Face on Mulberry St.; Little Italy, NYC
 "Keep a Cool Head"; SoHo, NYC
 Face on Mercer Street; SoHo, NYC
 Prepare Collage; SoHo, NYC
 Einstein/Moss Collage; SoHo, NYC
 "Family" on the Wall; Havana, Cuba  
 Jazz Poster; Lisbon, Portugal
 Lotus and Bee Collage; SoHo, NYC
 "Fashionista"; SoHo, NYC
 Face on Greene Street; SoHo, NYC
 Woman Sewing; Chelsea, NYC
 Face on Wooster Street; SoHo, NYC   
 Bacall on a Wall; SoHo, NYC
 Superman's Message; Brooklyn NYC
 OK Collage/Red; SoHo, NYC
 Lennon and Panda; Chelsea, NYC
 Bushwick Mural; Brooklyn, NYC
 Os Mural/Girl on Whale; E. Village, NYC
 Os Mural/Ballerina; Coney Island, NYC
 Os Mural/ N Train; E. Village, NYC
 Marilyn!; SoHo, NYC
 OK Collage/Blue; SoHo, NYC
 Graffiti Writer; E. Village, NYC
 Marilyn Hipster; SoHo, NYC
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