Still Life on Mantelpiece; Tynsdale, England
 Koons on the Roof; Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
 Resting Dogs; Upper East Side, NYC
 Gaudi Mosaic with Brown Circle, Barcelona, Spain 
 Party Decorations; Oaxaca, Mexico
 "Jewels"/ Chihuly CloseUp; NY Botanical Garden, NYC
 Lingerie Window; Greenwich Village, NYC
 Chihuly Globes; NY Botanical Garden, NYC
 Alexander McQueen Exhibit; Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
 Guitars In Rudy's Window; SoHo, NYC
 Love Stamps; Chelsea, NYC
 Eyes on Emergency Box; Greenwich Village, NYC
 Kiki de Montparnasse Window/B&W; SoHo, NYC
 Ballet Slippers /Sparkles; SoHo, NYC
 NYC Ballet Bill/Three Dancers, NYC
 Pitcher and Apples; Westport, Ireland
 Gaudi Mural with Tulip; Barcelona, Spain
 Snapples on Vendor's Cart; SoHo, NYC
 Umbrella Display; Greenwich Village, NYC
 Seashells; Montauk, NYC
 Visitors at the Met; Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Collage with Faces
Collage with Eye
Collage with New York
Rei Kawakubo at the Met, NYC
Rei Kawakubo Two Figures, at The Met, NYC
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