Trees and Shadows in Sepia; Shohola, PA
 Tree and Reflection in Pond; Shohola, PA
 Frosty Leaves, Shohola, PA
 Lakeside Sunrise; Shohola, PA
 Lake Channel with Waterlilies; Shohola, PA
 Snowy Forest in Sepia; Shohola, PA
 Autumn Sun; Shohola, PA
 Pines with Snow; Shohola, PA
 Almost Grapes!; Shohola, PA
 Clouds in the Lake; Shohola, PA
 Waterlilies and Blue; Shohola, PA
 Foggy Woods with Rocks; Shohola, PA
 Sunflowers! Woodstock, NY
 Lotus in Sepia I; NY Botanical Garden
 Lotus II with Pod in Sepia; NY Botanical Garden
 Lotus III in Sepia; NY Botanical Garden
 Tree In Blossom; NY Botanical Garden
 Old Church on the Hill, Wales, UK
 Two Pink Peonies; NY Botanical Garden
 Fuchsia Dahlia; Farmers' Market, NYC
 Red and White Dahlias; Farmers' Market, NYC
 Clouds, Sea and Sand; Essaouira, Morocco
 Butterfly/Purple Flowers, Shohola, PA
 Autumn Grasses/Red Leaves; Shohola, PA
 Winter Lake, Almost Sunrise; Shohola, PA
 Light in Autumn Woods; Shohola, PA
 Rocky Coast with Flowers; Wales, UK
 Beach, Rocks and Sky; Isle of Skye, Scotland
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